Books By, For and About Queer Girls

(or just plain of interest to queer girls)

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This is a community to discuss books written by, for and about queer girls, or any other books of interest to queer girls.

The comments and posts in this journal are entirely the responsibility of the poster. Messages are not screened and members are encouraged to freeze comment threads they themselves do not want continued which have been posted in response to their own posts, should that unlikely event occur.

Discussion and dialog are highly encouraged. We all hope to learn a lot from those whose opinions differ from ours.

Of particular interest are discussions relating to recommendations of books and authors, discussions of opinions on the subjects and approach of the authors, discussions on the craft of writing either as a queer girl or for queer girls and discussions on what the place and/or function of literature is both in our personal lives, the queer community, and the community at large.

Feel free to suggest additional entries for the interests list.

The moderator, perse, can be reached at persephone at bigrock dot com for any urgent issues or questions.